Elmwood Reclaimed Timber, a floor panel manufacturer improves sales by 10 percent with detailed scheduling software

“In 2016, we saw the impact of adoping opcenter APS - production planning and detailed scheudling software on our systems, leading to an increase in sales of 10 percent and improvement in profitability through accurate visibility and effective resource utilization.”- Mark Callison, President, Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Inc.

Business challenges:

  • The yield of good timber out of the reclaimed timber decides how much material is available for down stream operations. we are keeping a lot of Work In Progress (WIP) inventory before down stream operations which we would like to be optimized..
  • Production Planning using ERP assumes infinite capacity in our software and the start and end dates we got were not practial to use. correct start and end dates against our orders is needed to have better control
  • Our scheduler does detailed scheduling on a spreadsheet. The biggest limitation here is that we are unable to reschedule and see the impact of the changes on the shopfloor as well as take into account all manufacturing constraints.

Keys to success:

  • Implement tight integration between detailed scheduling software and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Account for shop floor constraints like material, yield and changeovers in the finite capacity scheduler (FCS)
  • Use Opcenter APS to provide visibility and flexibility for rescheduling throughout the manufacturing process
  • Improve customer responsiveness with schedule attainment


  • Increased top line revenues in 2016 by 10 percent
  • Increased Industrial efficiency and productivity without increasing headcounts
  • Improved on-time delivery

“SNic Solutions’ knowledge of manufacturing operations, supply chain planning, production planning and detailed scheduling and deep expertise in Opcenter Manufacturing operations management (MOM) suite was key to our success. Moreover, they delivered a very high-quality solution remotely at affordable cost which has truly made them our strategic partner to get ready for Industry 4.0.” – Mark Callison, President, Elmwood Reclaimed Timber, Inc.