Become Industry 4.0 ready with digital transformation in manufacturing

Adoption of Digital transformation in manufacturing has accelerated today. Manufacturers whether having discrete manufacturing operations or batch manufacturing operations are having to design Industry 4.0 ready factories with flexible manufacturing systems to support demand uncertainty.

Existing factories are adopting technologies that improve agility in manufacturing and supply chain to improve customer experience and responsiveness at the same time reamining to be operationally efficiency.

SNic Solutions sole purpose is to provide accelerators and extensions on existing software platforms to deliver digital transformation in manufacturing operations and supply chain faster.

Business benefits you get


Digital Maturity


Faster Cross functional collaboration


Agile manufacturing operations and suppy chain


Improve transparency and accuracy across value chain


Gain Competitive advantage


Improve Top Line


Flexible Manufacturing Systems


Get Ready to adopt new business models

Examples of our work

A flexible packaging manufacturer is currently building a digital transforomation foundation before it can adopt newer business models to improve top line revenues. Making the shopfloor paperless is key for the organization to improve speed and agility in responding to demand uncertainities. SNic Solutions is implementing a manufacturing operations management software (also known as manufacturing execution system or MES) that includes integrating the MES with ERP and digitizing shop floor feedback where direct machine connectivity is unavailable, production management dashboards, production scheduling, quality management, operator dashboards.

An Electronics manufacturer has engaged one of the big 4 management consulting firms on a large manufacturing transformation that has multliple technology components spanning from design to execution. SNic Solutions has been called in as a specialist partner by the consulting firm to provide implementation support for integrating Production Planning and Scheduling with multiple other technologies as well as as lead the global design efforts of the detailed production scheduling system.

A production scheduling software is of no use if the supply chain team is deciding its materials plan based on inaccurate forecasts or an MRP run which assumes infinite factory capacity. We have helped a bycyle manufacturing company attain better schedule attainment and save hundreds of hours in labor time, by dynamically planning the manufacturing operations incorporating the supply chain disruptions as constraints. This has provided the ability to the manufacturer to avoid abrupt plant shutdowns, efficient labor planning and simultanesouly reducing order backlogs.

Scaling enterprise software to multiple factory using global design and roll out methodology requires productization, scalability in configuration design and a deep knowledge in agile methodologies for software development. SNic Solutions "Factory thread" accelerators include advanced integration and functional libraries that allow faster implementation of complex production planning and scheduling, manufacturing execution systems (MES) and supply chain planning (SCP) platforms in manufacturing organizations. Factory thread has successfully reduced development time by 50% compared to bespoke development on enterprise platforms.

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