Evolving the airport industry with smart solutions

The airport industry faces ever-increasing challenges ranging from ground to terminal operations in safety and risk compliances, resource management, commercial management and maintaining service standards. Creating great user experience for passengers is largely dependent on quick and actionable insights available to decision makers enabling effective decisions.

Industrial engineering techniques such as facilities planning, workforce management, work measurement, lean principles, operations management, etc. serve as the primary tools for sound decision making.

Business benefits you get


Evaluate performance and downtimes due to weather conditions


Determine layout performances under different circumstances through alternative design analysis


Analyze the effect of vessel movements, port navigation etc

Examples of our work

We worked with an international airport in one of India’s metropolitan cities and successfully implemented a 15% reduction in manpower and an average of 20% increase in utilization. Furthermore, we accessed resources for the planned expansion of the airport and ensured that IATA delivery levels are met.

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