The Purpose

What Is The Onsite assessment

The premise for the “Onsite assessment” is to conduct a comprehensive plant and operational assessment to improve overall manufacturing efficiencies and reduce operational costs. The goal is to arrive at a road map for overall manufacturing efficiencies. The assessment identifies, quantifies and prioritizes opportunities for improvement within the entire manufacturing operation and manufacturing facility. Our research has consistently shown that, at some point, most systems break down under the stress of change.

We want to equip our customers to not be reactive to these changes but have a more planned and proactive approach which is based on data and scientific evidence. Without a clear plan based on realistic expectations the chances of success are limited. The Onsite Assessment is designed to help create that plan based on your existing systems, your strategic objectives, your timeframe and your budget.

Objective & Process

Onsite Assessment Objective

The Assessment is designed to take you through a proven process that evaluates your existing systems and helps you understand your options. Because operations impact so many functional areas, getting everybody on the same page is extremely important.

Onsite Assessment Process

SNic engineers lead you through a series of activities to collect and evaluate relevant data and define areas of focus for the business such as: operational effectiveness, productivity improvement, setting new work standards and norms, low cost automation, Ergonomics and safety design , layout and flow optimization.

Following a structured approach that includes several assessment worksheets and activity checklists, SNic’s team ensures an impartial opinion of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the business and factory. An assessment team from the SNics consulting group spends time in the facility interviewing key people, measuring and analyzing existing processes and operations, comparing metrics to performance standards and establishing potential operational savings. Please note that this is a high level measurement and analysis.

The assessment concludes with a summary presentation, report of findings and recommendations and an action plan and proposal for the implementation of the recommended improvements.

*Information collected during the assessment is held in strict confidence.

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