Laboratory management in manufacturing also known as Research, Development and laboratories (RD&L) are challenged today to bring new products to market faster as well improve operational efficiencies by deploying the right resources and adopting collaborative technology platforms that improve operational efficiences.

Opcenter software offers discrete, batch and process manufacturers a scalable and flexible laboratory management system to streamline, optimize, and align all information and product data in the laboratory or R&D facility. Opcenter RD&L (formerly known as "SIMATIC IT R&D Suite") keeps the product designs and processes well in-line with quality and regulatory requirements. The smooth integration and alignment of R&D and manufacturing data and processes drastically speeds up the transfer of final product designs to mainstream manufacturing.

Typical activities such as project data management, formula development, trial and experiment management, and production process design require an integrated set of best-in-class components ranging from electronic notebooks to laboratory management over specification management to supplier collaboration, pilot plant manufacturing and the like. Key functionalities like regulatory compliance and support for the Intellectual Property process are an integral part of Opcenter RD&L. Opcenter RD&L consists of four main components that are being completed with a Laboratory Electronic Notebook and External User solution:

- Opcenter Laboratory (Laboratory Information Management System for discrete and process)
- Opcenter Specification (Specification management module for batch and process)
- Opcenter Formulation ( Formulation and recepie management for batch and process)
- Opcenter Scheduling (Scheduling activities in R&D and laboratories)

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Opcenter Laboratory

Assure product quality with integrated LIMS


Electronic Notebook

Centrally manage all product development project data


Detailed Scheduling

Improve resource utilization and understand the impact of delays


Specification Management

One single repository for product data management


Formulation Management

Manage recepie’s better and simulate product performance


Supplier Collaboration

Integrate with suppliers to get all product data

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