PPPL gains visibility to see the impact of change and deliver on-time

“I am glad I took the decision to Implement Opcenter Scheduling as it has allowed me to sustain lean Improvements on the shop floor and grow the organization in less time than expected.”- Vijay Kansara, Managing Director, Pradip Polyfils Pvt Ltd

Customer background

PPPL is a specialist in manufacturing custom filter plates as per customer designs following extrusion, compression molding, machining, and assembly processes. The plant shop floor is equipped with state of the art CNC machines and molding presses.

The company had a major challenge in the visibility of the production schedule and timely deliveries are given the complexity and long lead times of the products. Management was looking for a tool that could give them quarterly, half-yearly and yearly visibility of their orders.

At the shop floor level, the company was facing a changeover challenge, especially in the molding presses, which require a combination of die-boxes and stamps. The setup times often increased due to the non-availability of a die-box or a stamp. Capital expenditure was difficult to justify as die-boxes were also seen to be underutilized.

Business challenges:

  • To increase on-time delivery.
  • To Identify constraints leading to improper capacity utilization.
  • To Reduce changeover times.
  • To Make strategic capacity expansion decisions based on the dynamic bottlenecks identified.


  • Increase in on-time delivery from 60% to 95%.
  • Increase in overall capacity for the existing plant by 22%.
  • Overall financial savings of $ 1.5 Million.
  • Visibility of all our orders.
  • Dynamic response to changes from our customers.
  • Efficient communication across the plant and customers.
  • Understanding bottlenecks.

“I used to plan earlier on MS Project but always faced a problem of re-scheduling with day to day changes on the shop floor. Also, planning used to consume a lot of my time, but with Opcenter Scheduling I was able to schedule quickly, multi-task and spend more time on other aspects of my responsibility.” – Bhadresh Maisuria, Production Planner, Pradip Polyfils Pvt Ltd

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