Video Time Study, Line Balancing, Predetermined motion time studies (PMTS), Work Instructions, Lean Analysis and Continuous improvement software

Time and Motion Study is the foundation for any Industry 4.0 and digital transformation initiatve. A time & motion study can be used simply to calculate cycle time or standard time to set production norms but can be extended to become a foundation for planning, costing, capital expenditure calculations, plant layout optimization, automation and industrialization.

Timer Pro is the complete video-based measurement solution for those involved in Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, Industrial, Manufacturing and Process Engineering, Ergonomics, Operator Training, Six Sigma, Kaizen, SMED and 5S initiatives

Timer Pro offers a single integrated solution to measure, identify and eliminate process waste to improve operation efficiency, reduce costs and document processes. Whether used with manual, automated or robotic processes, the highly visual Timer Pro interface increases the productivity of both content creators and their operations.

Timer Pro uses Excel for its extensive range of classic process improvement reports for easy distribution to plant staff and management – the content consumers. Video content is linked to the Excel reports which can be played back directly from Excel without requiring a Timer Pro license.

Benefits you get

Timer Pro

Accurate process measurement which improves throughput, planning and costing

Timer Pro

Reduce cost and identify method improvements

Timer Pro

Increase output and profitability

Timer Pro

Eliminate waste

Often change management and transformation drive's for Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing and Operational Excellence fail due to too much paper work involved in bringing the change. Just like how you are looking to eliminate waste in your operations and supply chain processes, Timer Pro software allows you to remove waste from your business processes and save time.

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