Microsoft 365 for Operations / Dynamics AX Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) capacity planning


AX is one of our specialties and we can tailor a solution specific to what’s important to your company.

Compatible Versions: SNic Integration Adapter is pre-integrated with Dynamics 365 for Operations, AX 2012, 2009, 4.0, and can also be retrofitted to earlier versions.

Here Are Just A Few Examples Of What You Can Import From 365 For Operations / AX:

  • Work Center Groups and Work Centers
  • Machines, Items and Inventory
  • Sales, Purchase and Production Orders
  • Routing Lines and Production Order Components

SNic Integration Adapter Also Allows You To Publish Schedules Back To 365 For Operations / AX:

  • Publish scheduled start and end datetime on production orders. Specifically, fields Schedend and Schedstart on ProdTable table
  • Publish scheduled start and end datetime on production order jobs. Fields from date, fromtime, todate and totime in table prodroutejob
  • Optionally publish Costed Resource
  • Optionally publish Production Quantities
  • Optionally publish the Production Status
  • Publishing works via SQL stored procedures or AX .Net connector. (Please note: If using the AX .Net connector, a Microsoft AX Device CAL and a Menu Item CAL are required.)

Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365 for Operations & APS

With SNic Integration Adapter Scheduling, you’ll create better production schedules much faster with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Plus, those schedules will take your material and capacity constraints into account, so you’ll know that commitments made will be commitments that are met.

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