Checking the connection to a license server.

Checking the connection to a license server.


How can a connection to a license server be checked without using Opcenter APS?

It appears that a license server is available, but Opcenter APS can't find licenses or is not available to use. 


Use Microsoft Windows PowerShell to test the connection.

  1.  Determine the IP address or Domain Name of the license server computer
    1. Choose a port
      1. On the client computer, open Windows PowerShell
        1. In the Windows PowerShell window type the following

           Test-NetConnection -Port <port> -ComputerName <computer name or ip address>

          If successful, the output will be:

          ComputerName : <computer name or ip address>
          RemoteAddress : <ip address>
          RemotePort : <port>
          InterfaceAlias : <network adapter name>
          SourceAddress : <client ip address>
          TcpTestSucceeded : True


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