How Do I Know What License Type I Have? Network or Local?

How Do I Know What License Type I Have? Network or Local?

 Note: Old name of the software was Preactor and new name is Opcenter APS.  


How can I determine which license type I have?


There are two types of licenses, Node Locked and Floating. Node Locked licenses are local licenses that are installed on the same machine that Opcenter APS is running from. Floating licenses are network licenses, that are typically installed in a central server location, and the license can be accessed from multiple computers over the network. In order to determine the license type for a particular license, you need to refer back to the 'Your Opcenter APS License Activation Codes' e-mail. A table specifying the license details will be included in the e-mail. Look at the column 'License Type', and you will see either Node Locked or Floating. Node Locked means that the license is a local license and any license activation or changes need to be applied using the local License Utility. Floating means that the license is a network license, so the Network License Utility needs to be used for any license activation or changes.


Image of a thank you email that gets set to people who purchase Opcenter APS. It shows customer and license details


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