License Warning

Opcenter Advanced Planning and Scheduling (Opcenter APS) is licensed using a system that entitles the user to execute the software. While every effort has been made to ensure the continued operation of your Opcenter APS software, it is the case that certain operations may compromise the integrity of the license entitlement and render the system inoperable.

Such operations include, but are not limited to, amending system or installation files, deleting or moving those files or imposing policies that restrict access to those files and/or the system registry.

In order to avoid such issues, you must perform all operations on your license entitlement using the included License Utility, or Server License Utility for network licenses. Under no circumstances should you attempt to duplicate, move or remove a license entitlement by any other means, and any attempt to tamper with license entitlements is strictly prohibited. Any such attempts will render the system inoperable.

In the event that the integrity of the license entitlement is compromised, a manual administrative procedure must be performed. For customers not under current maintenance there is an administrative charge associated with this service.

Although Flexnet licenses can be installed on Virtual Machines, it is strongly recommended that the Server License Utility and network licenses are installed on a physical machine. Due to the nature of virtual environments, changes to the environment can cause a license to become inoperable.