Dashboard is not displaying the correct information.

Network License Manager Dashboard is not displaying the correct information.


In Opcenter APS 18.2 to 18.6, the Network License Manager dashboard is not displaying the correct detail when listing features available for each license. The licenses themselves still operate correctly. It is just the visual display of them in Network License Manager that is impacted.
This issue has been corrected in Network License Manager version 2204 (NLM) and is available for download on Support Center. NLM is backwards compatible with all previous versions of Opcenter APS, and in the case of this issue, it is not required to install Opcenter APS 2204 in order to apply the fix.  

If NLM is not updated to 2204, and information is needed regarding license usage, then the application lmstat can be used. This application is attached as a file on this knowledge base article along with instructions on how to use this application.

Another option to avoid this issue is to only have one license installed per license server. This means that Network License Manager will need to be installed on multiple computers if more than one license is needed, and each Network License Manager installation should host just one license.



Platform: na
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Application: SC_ULTIMATE
Version: V18

Ref: 001-9934118