Opcenter APS Onboarding - Licensing.

Opcenter APS Onboarding - Licensing


The Opcenter APS Onboarding material provides a step by step guide to the new user on how to set up the Opcenter APS product.  The material covered has been broken down into several onboarding knowledge base articles, each ordered chronologically. 

This article addresses the subject of Licensing.  It is broken down into the following steps below:

  • License Types and How to Install Network License Manager
    • How to Activate Your Opcenter APS License
      • How to Configure the Network License Manager

        License Types and How to Install Network License Manager

        Before activating your Opcenter APS license, it is important to first read this License Warning.

        There are two different types of Opcenter APS licenses: Node Locked licenses and Floating licenses.  A Node Locked license (also known as a local license) is a license that can be installed locally, and only used by the computer that the license is installed on.  A Floating license (also known as a network license) is a license that can be installed in a central location such as on a server, and accessed by other computers on the network.  Make sure you know what license type you will be using.  See here for more information on this topic.

        Each license type has its own license utility that allows various different operations to be performed on the license, such as activation, return, repair etc.  The License Utility for a local license is installed automatically with the Opcenter APS software and can be accessed from the Windows Start button under the folder called Siemens.  In the Siemens folder, it will be listed as License Utility.  The local License Utility can only be used to perform operations on a local license, it cannot be used to perform any action on a network license.  For a network license, the Network License Utility must be installed.  The Network License Utility is not automatically installed with the Opcenter APS installation, but instead is included in the Network License Manager installation.

        Network License Manager (which includes the Network License Utility) is an x86 installation and is available for download on Support Center here.  The file is called OpcenterAPSNLM23.4.0.18005-x86.exe. 

        If a network license is being used, please read here for assistance in selecting a suitable location for where the Network License Manager software should be installed.  Once a suitable location has been decided, copy the downloaded Network License Manager installation file to the chosen computer and follow these instructions (step 1 has already been completed) to install the Network License Manager on that computer.  The Network License Utility will also be installed as part of the Network License Manager installation and can be accessed from the Windows Start button in the folder called Siemens.  In the Siemens folder, it will be listed as 'Network License Utility'. 

        Activating Your Opcenter APS License

        Before activating your license, please read the information included in the Licenses section of the User Guide for an overview of the Licensing process.

        Licenses can be activated by using the appropriate license utility based on license type.  Local licenses can be activated using the local License Utility.  Network Licenses need to be activated using the Network License Utility. 

        Activating a License

        Note that information on how to select a license to use when launching an Opcenter APS configuration for the first time is covered in the article Onboarding - Working With Configuration Packages.

        Configuring Network License Manager

        Click the links below to learn more about Network License Manager and how to configure it.  Note that it is recommended that the Vendor Daemon Port is changed to a fixed port.  See the TCP/IP Ports link below for more information. 

        Accessing the Network License Manager

        Managing the Network License Manager