Sequence Dependent Setup Times

Sequence Dependent Setup Times

Sequence Dependent Setup Times

Instead of using a fixed setup time you can define sequence dependent setup or changeover times based on the attributes of one operation to another operation on a resource.

For example the sequence of product A to product B on a resource could incur a 30 minute changeover time but product B to product A would incur a 3 hour changeover time.

Where limited data is available this can be achieved by using the Like to Like Setup Time and Like to Like Match fields in the Products table.

Where more comprehensive data is available, go to the Resources table and use the Sequence Dependent Setup Time pushbutton in the Edit Resources Information dialog to establish a matrix of setup times. Refer to these values in the Products table using the Setup Group field.

Also refer to the section Operation Reference Points in the topic Order and Operation Relationships for more information.

Infinite Capacity Resources Limitation

Sequence dependent setup times should not be used on Infinite Capacity resources. This is because, on Infinite Capacity resources, multiple operations can be in progress at a given point in time. Thus, the concept of a single ‘previous operation’ does not always exist.

If Sequence Dependent Setup Times are used on an Infinite Capacity resource, including resources configured as infinite capacity when infinite capacity mode is enabled, inconsistent and/or unexpected results can occur.