Unable to Access License.

Multiple Network Licenses Containing Same Product Installed on Same Computer.


User is unable to access Opcenter APS (formerly known as Preactor) on first attempt.  Opcenter APS keeps asking for a license even though license detail has already been saved to the PRCDF file.  On second attempt Opcenter APS launches without issue, but then the same behavior occurs 2-3 minutes afterwards.  Other issues that may show in relation to this same problem are when in Opcenter APS, messages such as "Opcenter APS not licensed to run 'RunImpExp'" occur.

The reason for the behavior described above is due to the feature in the third party licensing system trying to pool licenses together based on identical feature names.  When Opcenter APS needs to check out a specific license number, it can't due to the feature being pooled.

The issue described only occurs if multiple network licenses containing the same products have been installed on the same computer, and the description given in the Solution of this KB has not yet been applied.  To confirm whether identical products under different license numbers are on the same computer do the following:

1.  Run Network License Utility, select 'Upgrade an existing license'.
2.  Select 'Upgrade over the internet' (even though you really are not going to perform any action)
3.  View the list of licenses installed and the products to determine if there are multiple products under different licenses.
4. If there are multiple products under different license numbers, then the Preactor.log should be examined.  Open the Preactor.log (typically installed here:C:\Program Files (x86)\Siemens\Network License Manager\logs).
5. Features that have the pooling issue are: oem_compile, oem_compiled_configuration, and product_identity.  Search on all of these features to see if any lines show up such as this:

7:06:59 (PREACTOR) UNSUPPORTED: "product_identity" (0A4E 5AF9 7169 358B) [Name]@[Computer Name] (No such feature exists. (-5,346))

6. If any lines such as the above show, follow the instruction given in the solution.



Any license that has duplicate products will need to be returned and reactivated.  Use the instruction given in the Opcenter APS help on how to return a license and how to activate a license.  It is recommended that you contact your reseller or the Opcenter APS support team if an offline return and activation is required.


Platform: na
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Application: SC_ULTIMATE
Version: V_UNKNOWN
Application: AS_ULTIMATE
Version: V_UNKNOWN