How Can I Get the Advanced Details Relating to a License?

How Can I Get the Advanced Details Relating to a License?


How can I get the Advanced Details relating to a license?

What is the information included in the Advanced Details text?


The Advanced details can be used to firstly show what licenses are installed on a computer, and secondly what state the licenses are in.

To obtain the Advanced Details, the appropriate License Utility needs to be launched on the computer where the license is installed. If the license is a local license, then the local License Utility needs to be launched. If the license is a network license, then the Network License Utility needs to be launched. Once the appropriate License Utility has been loaded, right-click on the title bar of the dialog of the window that loads and choose the option 'Advanced details...'

An Advanced Details window similar to the below will be shown with the information pertaining to the licenses installed on that computer. If no license is installed on that computer, the window will be empty.


The Trust Flags should say FULLY TRUSTED. If this says BROKEN HOST, the license is in a broken state. Click here to learn more on how to correct this.

The Status should say ENABLED if the license is in an active state. If the license is in the process of being returned, such as by way of an offline return, the status will say DISABLED.

The Fulfilment ID is used internally for keeping a record that the line item has been fulfilled.

The Entitlement ID is the activation code, which is the code used to activate the license for that particular line item. This will be the number supplied in the 'Your Opcenter APS License Activation Codes' e-mail when the product was purchased, or if any subsequent updates have been performed on the license requiring a new activation code.

The Product ID is the name of the product that the license is for.

Suite ID is not used at present.

Expiration Date will detail whether the license has a timeout date or not. If the text says PERMANENT, then there is no timeout date.

The Feature line(s) section has several INCREMENT sections. These are for the different features pertaining to that license.

The SN= is the serial number of that license. It is the License Number.

If Advanced Details need to be sent to the Opcenter APS support team, be sure to copy the entire contents of the window and paste into the response on the support case you raise.



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