How Do I Manually Create a Package?

How Do I Manually Create a Package?


How do I manually create a package?


If a support package file needs to be created manually for some reason, this can be done by following these steps:

1. Create a new folder and within that folder create three new folders named the following:


Note that the Reports folder is only needed if you wish for server reports to be included in your package. Local Reports are included in the Files folder.

Image showing how Local Reports are included in the Files folder.
2. Make a backup of the SQL database for Opcenter APS using Microsoft SQL Management Studio. Name the backed up file data.bak and copy to the Database folder.

Shows data.bak file in database folder

3. From the location where Opcenter APS is launched from, copy the files that are relevant to running the configuration and paste to the Files folder. Typically the copied files will be as shown below, plus any extra that might be specific to your configuration.

Files in the Opcenter APS files folder4. If you are using Server Reports and you want them included in your package, you will need to download these from the Report Server for the applicable rdl files that you want packaged up and save those to the Reports folder you created in their applicably named sub folders.

Reports folder showing 4 more folders.<figure Files in orders folder inside of the reports folder
5. Select all of the folders that you created in step 1, right-click and choose the option that you have available to create a zip file. For example:

How to create a zip file.A .zip file will be created.

6. Rename the .zip file extension to .prpkg

How to Rename the .zip file extension to .prpkg7. Your package is now complete. You may want to double check your package has been created successfully by double clicking on the .prpkg file and clicking Next on the welcome screen that shows and then examining the Basic Options screen to make sure the appropriate options look enabled, such as the Configuration File and Local Reports and Database sections. The screen should look similar to this:

Opcenter APS configuration package manager
If the package was created or zipped up incorrectly, the screen might look like this with all options greyed out:

Basic options in the Opcenter APS configuration package manager
Check that when the zip file was created it was created at the right folder level with the Database, Files, and/or Reports folders selected when the zip was made. Other things to check are that the folder names are exactly correct, the database name is data.bak etc.


Creating a Package From the Opcenter APS Desktop Option


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