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SNic Solutions’ team is well-rounded from gaining years of experience on the manufacturing production floor and implementing Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software solutions.

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Read how Nikhil has implemented digital transformation solutions throughout his career.

Nikhil Joshi

Founder & CEO

After graduating with a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering took the less traveled road of entrepreneurship right out of college to start SNic Solutions. With the initial years spent hands-on consulting and implementing digital transformation software in manufacturing organizations, he pivoted his efforts to build a professional services and technology company.

Nikhil is currently responsible for growing the business and meeting the growing demands of manufacturing companies, and adopting technology for manufacturing operations and supply chain management.

He devotes his spare time to playing keyboards and composing new melodies, teaching his kids music, and giving career and entrepreneurship advice.

Learn how Andy has created digital transformation solutions throughout his career.

Andy Willis


After studying mathematics and statistics at Isle of Ely College, Andy has spent much of his career building advanced planning and scheduling solutions for manufacturers across multiple industries. He has been involved in every aspect of the software business; from designing products and writing code to formulating product strategy and ultimately building and running software organizations.

Andy now leads and implements software solutions for SNic Solutions as the COO. With his experience in the business's technical, commercial, and implementation sides, he is equally comfortable in a code review, a board room, or walking the shop floor. He is passionate about building software solutions for complex problems.

When not solving complex problems or beating away on his drums, Andy travels the world and spends time with his family.

Read about Blake on his journey implementing digital transformation solutions throughout his career.

Blake Luken

VP of Sales & Marketing for North America

Blake graduated with a degree in Informatics from Indiana University. Throughout college, he spent his time working in manufacturing on the shop floor doing a variety of jobs. Post college he went to work full-time in manufacturing working for a business applications team, where he helped automate manufacturing operation systems.

Today, he is responsible for growing SNic’s presence in North America. His favorite part of the job is meeting new customers and learning about their businesses and processes.

When not traveling, Blake lives in Austin, Texas where he enjoys the outdoors and golfing.

Rayhan has gained first-hand experience implementing digital transformation solutions in his career.

Rayhan Khan

VP of Sales & Marketing for Asia-Pacific

Beginning his career as an industrial engineer on the shop floor, Rayhan was involved in process improvement projects. This experience of improving operational processes and reducing costs helped him transition into customer-facing roles by joining SNic Solutions sales team.

Now, he is responsible for growing SNic’s presence in the APAC region by helping customers across multiple industries explore, evaluate, and adopt digital transformation.

Outside of work, Rayhan likes to travel, game, and play football. His other interests include finance, tech, economics and geopolitics.

Dhruvang has implemented digital transformation solutions throughout his career.

Dhruvang Jhaveri

Software Architect

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Dhruvang began his career as a Product Development Engineer in a plastic manufacturing company. This experience piqued his interest in addressing operational challenges in manufacturing. This lead him to join SNic Solutions as a consultant and progress to a Solution Architect position where he has collaborated with clients from various industries helping solve challenges related to production planning and scheduling and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). These industries include aerospace, electronics, consumer goods, and automotive.

Currently, he is responsible for creating internal solutions to assist and enhance the team's ability to deliver projects effectively and maximize the value added for clients.

In his free time, Dhruvang likes to stay active by running and swimming and has even competed in several marathons.

Sateesh is well versed in implementing digital transformation solutions in his career.

Sateesh Javali

Engagement Manager

After completing his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Sateesh worked as a Production Engineer at a manufacturing firm in Bangalore, India where he gained hands-on experience in production processes and quality. To further focus on manufacturing and production, he pursued his Master of Science in Production Systems at RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

While in Germany, he spent a short time as a research assistant in one of the leading research institutes. Also, he interned at the total productive maintenance (TPM) branch of one of the top chocolate manufacturing companies in the world. During his professional experience in Germany, he realized the importance of digitalizing shopfloor activities. Later, he flew back to India to start with SNic Solutions.

Sateesh is now taking care of technical presales and implementation of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) for the Asia-Pacific region.

He spends his personal time reading books of various genres like investing, philosophy, and real-life incidents. He is also interested in Indian history and culture.

Read about Rajul vast experience implementing digital transformation solutions throughout his long career.

Rahul Kotai

Engagement Manager

A Bachelor of Commerce graduate who began his professional journey as a BDE for SNic Solutions and transitioned into a software consultant where he specialized in implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). With his combined 10 years of manufacturing industry experience, he can provide valuable solutions and drive success for his clients based on his deep understanding of industry specific processes and technologies used.

Currently, he serves as an Engagement Manager coordinating client projects. His responsibilities include building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs and objectives, developing and implementing project plans, and monitoring progress to ensure successful completion.

Rahul enjoys watching documentaries to learn about historical events, traveling to new places to experience different cultures, listening to music while on long drives, and playing sports like badminton. Additionally, he likes to spend time with friends and family.

Read about Madeline and her career in digital transformation solutions.

Madeline Smith

Marketing Specialist

Madeline graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. While pursuing her degree, she interned as a content creator and digital marketer for a steel manufacturing company. This piqued her interest and love of marketing. Post-graduation, she worked as a Plant Manager for a startup manufacturing company where she gained valuable insight into the manufacturing industry and processes. That experience has aided her in creating relatable marketing content for SNic Solutions.

She is now responsible for all marketing activities in the US and Canada where she enjoys the creativity of educating and bringing awareness for digitalizing the manufacturing production floor.

In her free time, Madeline enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and camping with her family. She is also passionate about entrepreneurship, cooking, and the cosmetic and beauty space.


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