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Demand for Smart manufacturing in a Changing Market

Factory operations and plant operations traditionally have been looked upon as cost centers in the entire supply chain with acute focus on cost reduction through operational excellence. With the changing market, manufacturers are looking to shift to newer business models in order to dynamically meet the needs of customers. Fexibility in meeting customer needs is translating to flexibility in manufacturing operations without affecting profitability. Smart manufacturing technologies enables factory operations and plant operations to improve customer responsiveness and efficiency without compromising on quality, compliance and profitability.

What manufacturing operations management (MOM) module is the right starting point for you?

Now, the first step towards smart manufacturing solutions is evaluating which software module is the right starting point for your current needs. Take our quick 1 minute assessment by clicking the button below and schedule a call with us if a MOM software module is recommended in our assessment.

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Every Manufacturing Industry has a different path to digital transformation

Discrete, batch, and process manufacturing are very different ecosystems and while the end outcomes may be similar, the path to digital transformation is definitely unique in every Industry. Smart factory digital threads for an aerospace precision component manufacturer are very different from a medical equipment manufacturer and definitely different for a food processing plant manufacturing custom ingredients.

The common outcome every manufacturer today is chasing is to bring flexibility and agility in their business to adopt newer go-to-market models and quickly respond to the changing needs of customers. Explore the outcomes that factories and plants need to chase while adopting smart manufacturing digital threads.


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