Furniture Manufacturer increases sales by 10% with manufacturing operations management.
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Furniture Manufacturer: 10% Increase in Sales

"Snic Solutions’ knowledge of manufacturing operations, supply chain,...and deep expertise in [MOM software] was key to our success. Moreover, they delivered a high-quality solution remotely at an affordable cost, making them our strategic partner in getting ready for Industry 4.0."

- President

Eliminate your ERP limitations with MOM software.


Increase in Top-Line Revenue

On-time delivery improved, which made customers happy and want to come back for more.

From Zero to Hero

This furniture customer focuses on efficient manufacturing and assuring on-time delivery to customers. With this priority, the customer began its digitalization journey by searching for tools that would complement its existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and improve the planning of manufacturing operations to synchronize demand and supply.

While on the hunt for scalability and flexibility, the customer realized they also needed greater visibility and control to increase capacity utilization while reducing inventory levels and waste. They knew there would be complexities in leveraging specialized skills that were required for their specific business needs.

One feature of manufacturing operations management (MOM) software was tightly integrated with their ERP system to identify production constraints and challenges for better communication between the two software. This way real-time data could be provided to support key business decisions.

About Furniture Manufacturer

The manufacturer embraces the environment by creating the highest-quality custom-milled reclaimed wood products. They produce wood flooring, stair parts, paneling, cabinet lumber, countertops, bar tops, tabletops, beams, fireplace mantels, shelves, and much more. 

They are committed to efficient manufacturing of their custom products and assuring on-time delivery to customers.

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Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics.

Project Highlights

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We set apart their product in a vast sea of options and added to the perceived value of their product.
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We helped making a lasting impression on consumers, with fresh new graphics and product photos.
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We promoted their brand and product with an in-person and real-time engagement.