LED Lighting Manufacturer improves their bottom-line revenue by implementing manufacturing operations management (MOM) software.
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LED Lighting Manufacturer: Improved bottom-line revenue

The successful implementation of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software necessitates both software customization and a partner who comprehends the company's current business operations and can assist with the required organizational change.

Integration like no other

Many manufacturers across the LED lighting industry face intense competition from both domestic and international players, which puts immense pressure on profit margins. Additionally, they have complex supply chains, involving multiple suppliers and partners, challenging delivery schedules. Furthermore, they must meet customer demand for customized products while maintaining high levels of quality.

The LED lighting manufacturer needed to improve the visibility of their manufacturing process, track the quality of their products, and increase collaboration across the manufacturing departments. The manual processes of using meeting notes to execute production were significantly insufficient.

Thanks to the implementation of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software and integrating it with their existing ERP system, they were able to decrease their cost of goods sold and increase productivity. Consequently, increasing the bottom-line revenue.

Results from the successful implementation and integration have led to increased customer trust in the manufacturer. Including satisfaction amongst the employees. 

About LED Lighting Manufacturer

The customer is a leading-edge manufacturer of LED lighting systems. Established early on, the company has built a longstanding customer base making it a market leader. Thanks to its innovative products, commitment to quality, and a well-coordinated team of employees. They provide LED lighting to customers in professional, consumer, and IoT spaces making them dynamic and globally active. 

Because of the successful implementation and the positive impact of MOM software, upper management of the LED light manufacturer is convinced to continuously implement new developments towards digital transformation.

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