Flexible Manufacturing Series

Expand your team's ability instead of relying on tribal knowledge



The Need for Agility

Flexible manufacturing systems can help manufacturers positively react to abrupt changes. These changes include:

  • Increasing product complexity
  • Demand for sustainability
  • Cost reducing initiatives
  • Increased speed to market

When production line supervisors use paper-based systems to manage operations, they have to constantly shuffle between information. They end up spending an excessive amount of time trying to find answers that plant managers, directors, and executives want answers for. No matter how organized your spreadsheets or paper-based systems are, they still take away valuable time from productivity or having the capability to handle plant situations holistically.

    Flexible Manufacturing Operations

    Compare what a manufacturing system that is adaptable does and does not do.

    Adaptable Operations

    Available tracking

    Reduced labor costs

    Real-time visibility

    Improved quality

    Greater productivity for labor and machines

    Decision support tool

    Adaptable production floors enable manufacturers to be flexible.
    Paper & Spreadsheets

    Lack of storage space

    Prone to damage

    Editing problems

    Limits communication and collaboration

    Security Issues


    Operations Effect Everyone

    Operations have a major impact on business decisions and outcomes.

    Operator - Production Floor

    Maintains and operates production equipment to create high-quality products. A flexible manufacturing system helps production floor workers feel valued because of the technology that helps them be efficient.

    Supervisor - Monitors

    Monitors the overall effectiveness of the production floor. Having an adaptable manufacturing flow encourages more on-time deliveries. Easing the mind of supervisors, which helps them be better leaders.

    Plant Manager - Manages

    Manages the use of equipment and employee operations. Having a flexible manufacturing process gives plant managers the capacity to think outside the box instead of solving siloed issues on the production floor.

    Director - Oversees

    Oversees the performance and assignments for the division. Retaining employees and hiring more desirable skilled workers is easier when you have a system in place that makes your company stand out from the competition.

    Executive - Strategizes

    Strategizes business needs and implements those strategy changes. Flexible manufacturing changes business models, which helps manufacturing companies be sustainable to keep up with market changes.