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What is manufacturing operations management?
What to learn before software adoption?
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Modular Manufacturing Systems that accelerate Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing adoption

Opcenter APS helps synchronize manufacturing processes.
Production Planning & Scheduling

Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)

The advanced planning and scheduling feature enables accurate and efficient production planning. Allowing companies to optimize resource utilization, minimize downtime, and ensure on-time delivery of products.

Opcenter Execution orchestrates complete visibility of the production floor.
Track, Trace, Compliance

Manufacturing Execution Syetems (MES)

With Opcenter manufacturing execution systems (MES), businesses can seamlessly monitor and control shop floor operations in real-time. Opcenter MES solutions provide operators with comprehensive instructions, collect production data, and enable efficient collaboration among team members.

Opcenter Intelligence integrates with diverse data sources to provide a holistic view of manufacturing processes.
Manufacturing Intelligence

Enterprise Manufacturing Analytics

Opcenter Intelligence is designed to gather, analyze, and visualize data from various sources within the manufacturing environment. It enables organizations to track KPIs, identify trends, detect anomalies, and generate real-time reports and dashboards.

Opcenter Quality manages the complexities associated with compliance and regulations.
Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA)

Quality Management (QMS)

Opcenter incorporates robust quality management capabilities to ensure adherence to stringent quality standards. It facilitates the tracking of quality metrics, automates inspection processes, and supports effective root cause analysis.

Opcenter RD&L improves collaboration and offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.
Laboratory Information (LIMS)

Laboratory Execution

Manage and optimize the entire research, development, and laboratory processes, including project management, formulation and recipe management, testing and analysis, sample tracking, and compliance management. Organizations can accelerate time-to-market and drive innovation.

Opcenter Connect streamlines the deployment of a centralized solution to seamlessly connect business and manufacturing systems.
360 degree Integration

Opcenter Connect

Consolidate and enhance Opcenter connectivity to reduce project effort and risk. Eliminate product and application dependencies by integrating with external systems and connecting multi-site manufacturing facilities for easy data transportation.

Enabling Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturers face ever-evolving challenges. However, the core difficulties business leaders face remain the same, increase profit, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition.

SNic Solutions is an expert partner of Siemens Digital Industries. Opcenter manufacturing operations management (MOM) is a comprehensive software solution that streamlines production processes. Enabling business leaders to implement digitalization strategies for their manufacturing operations and production lines.

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Enabling Smart Manufacturing through Opcenter.
Benefits of adopting Opcenter in Plants and Factories


Eliminate data silos within your organization and minimize technical debt by seamlessly integrating Opcenter with your existing systems.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Streamline manufacturing processes for reduced waste and increased productivity.

Increased production flexibility

Adapt quickly to market changes and customer demands with agile manufacturing capabilities.

Enhanced Compliance

Simplify compliance with industry standards and regulations, reducing risk.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Deliver consistently high-quality products on time, enhancing customer trust and loyalty.

Real-time data insights

Leverage real-time analytics for informed decision-making and operational optimization.

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