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At Snic Solutions, we empower manufacturers with digital tools that streamline operations and boost productivity. As a trusted global partner, we are committed to your success and the continuous improvement of your manufacturing processes.

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A leader in implementing software for supply chain & manufacturing operations management (MOM), Snic Solutions is a technology company that accelerates Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing adoption in manufacturing factories and plants.

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At Snic Solutions, we pride ourselves on our expertise in implementing advanced software solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Explore our portfolio to learn more about the range of systems we offer and how they can transform your operations.


Snic Solutions offers specialized software implementations to meet the unique needs of various industries. Discover how we help different sectors achieve excellence.

Your XaaS Transformation

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems are crucial in the smart manufacturing ecosystem by integrating with ERP, MES, APS, and QMS systems, providing a unified platform for managing end-to-end operations. This ensures smooth data flow between functions, enabling real-time adjustments and maintaining consistency across planning, execution, quality control, and logistics.


Evaluate current manufacturing processes to identify improvement areas. Conduct a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate the system's alignment with business goals.


Expand the MOM system's implementation in phases, starting with critical operations and progressively integrating other areas to ensure minimal disruption. Customize the system as needed to support evolving business requirements, and continuously monitor performance to adjust and enhance functionalities.

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Optimize the MOM system by regularly analyzing performance data, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing best practices for continuous improvement. Utilize advanced analytics and real-time insights to streamline processes, improve quality, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


Champion the MOM system by showcasing its benefits and successes within the organization to gain buy-in from all stakeholders. Provide ongoing training and support to users, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, and leveraging the system to drive strategic business objectives.

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Customer Success Stories

"Snic Solutions’ knowledge of manufacturing operations, supply chain,...and deep expertise in MOM software was key to our success. Moreover, they delivered a high-quality solution remotely at an affordable cost, making them our strategic partner in getting ready for Industry 4.0."
Mark Callison
President of Elmwood Reclaimed Timber, Inc.
"Snic's MOM software solution stood out for its out-of-the-box options and functionality. We also liked the fact that it had been used more widely in the industry than the other products we evaluated."
Eric Schultz
Master Scheduling Manager at Trek Bicycle
“By improving our on-time deliveries by more than 95 percent, we have given our customers more confidence in our ability to handle more product variants and deliver on time.”
Hardik Brahmbhatt
Hardik Brahmbhatt
Senior Planning Engineer at Narayan Powertech Pvt. Ltd.
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