Light Industry

Flexible manufacturing is possible in the light industry

Flexible manufacturing in the light industry

Smart lighting and human-centric lighting are trending and will soon become the norm for the light industry. This is driving manufacturers to increase their product variants.

Snic Solutions recognizes that there is a strong need for lighting manufacturing companies to adopt manufacturing operations management (MOM) software. This is because of its unique capability to make production floors flexible and adapt to changing market trends.

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Why Light Industry Manufacturers are Thinking About MOM Software

Every lighting manufacturer, big or small across the globe is trying to keep up with the demand for more LEDs and faster delivery times. Production scheduling, a part of the MOM software platform, addresses constraints like demand fluctuations, the need for new product introduction, and scheduling issues that appear daily. MOM software creates a flexible manufacturing ecosystem to help push products out faster and in top-notch quality.

Read our whitepaper about why more lighting manufacturers are thinking about MOM software, and how it changes top-line revenue.

Infographic 3 ways mom software impacts top-line revenue.

Use Technology to Increase Throughput & Attract & Retain Talent

Staying competitive and attracting talent are some of the top challenges that lighting manufacturers face. Including economic uncertainty, the COVID-19 pandemic, pickier workers, rise in regulations, reduced development costs, and looking to improve margins.

Adopting the right technology will not only increase your throughput but answer the above challenges. Even with the rise in orders, properly utilizing your capacity with fewer highly skilled workers, and a production scheduling software system that can handle all of the production floor constraints, lighting manufacturers can still keep their customers happy.

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Increase throughput plus attract and retain talent through technology.

Manufacturers Succeed with MOM Software

Many manufacturers across the LED lighting industry face intense competition from both domestic and international players, which puts immense pressure on profit margins. Even with complex supply chains, involving multiple suppliers and partners, challenging delivery schedules, and meeting customer demand, LED lighting manufacturers can still succeed using manufacturing operations management (MOM) software.
You can improve one small area or your entire manufacturing process when you implement manufacturing operations management (MOM) software. This case study showcases how one LED lighting manufacturer succeeded with MOM.
10 reasons manufacturers succeed because of MOM software.

Gain a Flexible Business Model

APS has revolutionized the way businesses operate by enabling flexible business models.

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) technology creates events that are not isolated events only affecting manufacturing processes. With the help of APS, businesses can quickly adapt to market changes, optimize resources, and efficiently manage their supply chains. By utilizing real-time data analysis, business leaders can make informed decisions, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Business flexibility is essential in the modern business landscape, where competition is fierce, and customer expectations are high. With production planning and production scheduling, manufacturers can stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.

Watch our team dive deep into the features of APS, which showcases the advantages and benefits of how manufacturers can boost their business through production.